Welcome to Arlin Buyert Poetry

“The sun sets fast tonight
and the shadows take their places in the dark.”

Arlin’s poem, Bits and Pieces, has been selected for publication in An Anthology of Heartland Poetry.  This anthology will be published by Little Balkans Press and will be available later this year.

Overwatch Press has just published several of Arlin’s poems.
Overwatch Press is a website dedicated to providing an outlet for soldiers to express themselves creatively and in this way help them work through the struggles they carry from their service to our country.

Inmate Poetry Reading
February 21st The Johnson County Library again hosted an inmate poetry reading. This reading is part of the Thomas Zvi Wilson Reading Series and is sponsored
jointly by The Writers Place and the Johnson County Library. Arlin and inmates from Lansing Correctional Facility presented poems to a captivated audience. Sadness, joy and laughter were present the entire evening.

A KKFI podcast of this evening’s event can be listened to by clicking here.


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